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Pull-Up Assist & Exercise Resistance Bands for Men & Women Armageddon Sports


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You Don’t Have Enough Time To Go To The Gym

Do You Want To Save Money From Gym Memberships?

Do You Want To Have An Accessory That Will Help You Get In Shape Even At Home?

What You Need Is Resistance Loop Exercise Bands by Armageddon Sports!





Everyday life is often the reason you feel tense and you do not have time to eat properly, let alone find time to exercise.

Everyone is overwhelmed with work and problems, which significantly affects your lifestyle and quality of life. The desire to do something also goes to hell.

It has been proven that a large percentage of people are in this situation, and although they have a desire for change, they still cannot organize things to do so.

Sometimes it's hard, but if you start finding time for yourself, things will start to get better.



The advantages of the workout bands are that they allow you to increase your power and movement.

Each elastic band has a different resistance and gives a different weight to your muscles. They can also significantly improve your mobility/flexibility.

Also, they don’t put such pressure on the joints and have a much lower risk of injury. They are also used in cases of rehabilitation and recovery from injury or surgery.


💡 FACT: Research shows that by using resistance bands for training, your muscles tone and grow at the same time.


Toning is a process in which you lose body fat, and what could be better than removing body fat and building more shaped and pumped muscles?

They are made of 100% natural latex, which makes them extremely strong and durable for a lot of workout sessions.

Unlike rubber bands, the risk of breakage in those of Armageddon Sports is minimal.




To train and get in shape, you do not need to pay a gym membership anymore. With just a few resistance band workouts, you will be able to develop your whole body.

Yes, you heard right - you can train every muscle with them 😲!

With Armageddon Sports Loop Bands, you will simultaneously burn calories, tone your muscles, and protect your joints. Each of the five elastic bands has a different resistance so it can fit well into the training of any individual.



You Can Use All The Benefits If You:


➡️ Have just started training

➡️ Achieve a change in your vision

➡️ Want to build good-looking thighs and booty

➡️ Are too busy and don’t have time to go to the gym

➡️ Are recovering from surgery, injury or immobilization

➡️ Exercise regularly and you want variety in your workouts

➡️ Train yoga, Pilates, Zumba, soccer, football, martial arts, etc.





Whether you are a beginner or an advanced, we have the right band for you. With a variety of colors and durability, Armageddon Sports offers you:

🔴  Red resistance band (5-15 kg) (11-33lbs)

⚫️ Black resistance band (10-25 kg) (22-55lbs)

🟣 Purple resistance band (15-35 kg) (33-77lbs)

🟢 Green resistance band (20-50 kg) (44-110lbs)

🔵 Blue resistance band (25-60 kg) (55-132lbs)

🟠  Orange resistance band (30-70 kg) (66-155lbs)


THE RED AND BLACK  training bands are completely applicable to everyone. The more advanced ones, who need a little help for pull-ups, can take advantage of it. This way, they will achieve more repetitions and better pumping, which of course leads to a better look in the mirror.

For the beginners, there are a bunch of exercises that you can do and train your whole body with just this loop band.

You can train your legs, arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, chest, or any muscle you decide!



THE PURPLE AND GREEN resistance bands are applicable to everyone too. The more advanced ones in sports can use it to increase the resistance in their workout.

That means you can include it in exercises such as bench press, squats, rows, pull-ups, etc.

Pull-ups or chin-ups are hard but crucial exercises to get a big back. It can be hard to do both for beginners and advanced. With these bands, you can take some of your weight out of the exercise, and manage to make it clear, and controlled.

REMEMBER: If you want to have a big back, you have to do pull-ups!

THE BLUE AND ORANGE resistance bands for a workout are mostly made for the more advanced athletes.

They can give you really hard resistance, and this would probably boost your workout. As you already know, when you are training with resistance bands, your muscles tone and grow at the same time.

If you are stuck at one place, and you don’t see yourself growing anymore the bands can help you get out of the plateau.

If you want to keep on growing, and move on there is nothing better then diversifying your workout. This way, your muscles will feel different load on them and they have no other way unless to grow!





With Armageddon Sports resistance loop bands you can do a whole-body workout at your comfortable home. You don’t need to go to the gym when you have everything you need for an amazing workout!



Depending on your physical condition, you need the right exercise band for you. They can fit every workout and are absolutely suitable for squats with or without bars, deadlifts, rowing, and many other exercises.

Just choose some of the 6 bands that are divided into 3 groups for light (red and black), medium (purple and green), and heavy (blue and orange) training.



Unlike other training bands on the market – ours are made of highly durable natural latex and will last for a long time, no matter how relentlessly you train.

Gain strength and flexibility! Strengthen your core muscles and improve your stability by just adding them to your workout!

Get them now, and you will surely be happy with your choice!



With our ecological loop bands, you can bring variety to your boring workout! If you want to tighten your body but you do not have enough time, and you are don’t want to give money every month to go to the gym, choose these unique exercise bands!

Guaranteed, they can give you the same results with just 30 minutes of exercise a day!

Feel the difference after the first workout!




Take them everywhere with you! You can put it in your backpack, gym bag, or a suitcase if you are about to travel.

Be different, try them wherever you are, and you will be amazed by the result you have achieved in a short time! As we said above, they are suitable for absolutely any sport!



Armageddon Sports resistance bands for training the buttocks, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, pecks, etc.

Tighten your body efficiently and quickly. You can easily change and diversify your workout routine, just by adding some resistance to it. You may not believe it, but you will get 100% satisfaction by looking yourself in the mirror!

You don't need a gym when you have these bands. Absolutely ANY muscle group in the body can be trained EFFECTIVELY and give you RESULTS in an extremely SHORT TIME.

If not today, when is the best time to get in SHAPE❓


The training bands are made of pleasant to touch latex, which does not harm nature and has exceptional elastic qualities. They are colorful, comfortable, and practical!

Take them now and you will surely be happy with your choice!




Q: What is the resistance of the bands?


        🔴 Red resistance band (5-15 kg)

        ⚫️ Black resistance band (10-25 kg) (22-55lbs)

        🟣 Purple resistance band (15-35 kg) (33-77lbs)

        🟢 Green resistance band (20-50 kg) (44-110lbs)

        🔵 Blue resistance band (25-60 kg) (55-132lbs)

        🟠 Orange resistance band (30-70 kg) (66-155lbs)


Q: Can I use them for rehab?

A: Yes. The elastic bands are often used to recover from surgery, injury, or immobility.


Q: What are the bands made of?

A: They are made of 100% natural latex.


Q: Dimensions of the elastic workout bands?

A: The length of all the loop bands is 208 cm (82 inches). The thickness is 0.45 cm, but the width of each one is different - Red – 1.3 cm; Black – 2.2 cm; Purple – 3.2 cm; Green – 4.5 cm; Blue – 6.4 cm; Orange – 8.4 cm.


Q: In case something happens to the bands, can you replace it?

A: Of course! We will replace it. We guarantee the quality of the bands.





So if you want to have something that makes your training session more fun and your muscles flexible, that’s the best choice you can ever make! No matter how old, young, big or small you are, they will fit you perfect and you can use them for a long time!

Try now and get ready for the variety of exercises for full body transformation!



Get Them Now, And You Will Surely Be Happy With Your Choice❗️

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