Booty Hip Resistance Fabric Non Slip Bands Set of 3 by ArmageddonSports - Armageddon Sports

Booty Hip Resistance Fabric Non Slip Bands Set of 3 by ArmageddonSports


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You Don’t Have Enough Time To Go To The Gym❓

Do You Want To Save Money From Gym Memberships?

Do You Want To Have An Accessory That Will Help You Get In Shape Even At Home?

What You Need Is Resistance Loop Exercises Bands Set Of 3 by ArmageddonSports!



Everyday life is often the reason you feel tense and you do not have time to eat properly, let alone find time to exercise. Everyone is overwhelmed with work and problems, which significantly affects your lifestyle and quality of life. The desire to do something also goes to hell.

It has been proven that a large percentage of people are in this situation, and although they have a desire for change, they still cannot organize things to do so. Sometimes it's hard, but if you start finding time for yourself, things will start to get better.


What if we tell you that you can get in shape with only 20 minutes of training per day?

Yes, this is possible thanks to Armageddon Sports and their loop bands for exercise.




The advantages of the loop bands are that they allow you to increase your power and movement. Each elastic band has a different resistance and gives a different weight to your muscles. They can also significantly improve your mobility/flexibility.

Also, they don’t put such pressure on the joints and have a much lower risk of injury. They are also used in cases of rehabilitation and recovery from injury or surgery.


💡 FACT: Research shows that by using resistance bands for training, your muscles tone and grow at the same time.


Toning is a process in which you lose body fat and what could be better than removing body fat and building more shaped and pumped muscles?

They are extremely strong and durable for a lot of workout sessions. The risk of breakage in those of Armageddon Sports is minimal.



You Can Use All The Benefits If You:


➡️ Achieve a change in your vision

➡️ Want to build good-looking thighs and booty

➡️ Are too busy and don’t have time to go to the gym

➡️ Are recovering from surgery, injury, or immobilization

➡️ Exercise regularly and you want variety in your workouts

➡️ Train yoga, Pilates, Zumba, soccer, football, martial arts, etc.


To train and get in shape, you do not need to pay a gym membership anymore. With just a few resistance band workouts, you will be able to develop your whole body.

Yes, you heard right - you can train every muscle with them!

With Armageddon Sports Loop Bands, you will simultaneously burn calories, tone your muscles, and protect your joints. Each of the five elastic bands has a different resistance, so it can fit well into the training of any individual.





💫 They Don't Slip 

💫 Stronger Resistance - due to the presence of fabric within the natural rubber, they are least elastic

💫 Suitable For Sensitive Skin -No Allergies Reaction Possible, Since They Are Chemical Free

💫 More Comfortable On Bare Skin  -at the end taking care of yourself is about having fun and being comfortable

💫 Better For Larger Muscle Groups -. Due to lesser elasticity and inability to provide very low resistance. As a result, they work best for larger muscle groups of the lower body 

💫 Look Better Than Latex Bands

💫 Washable 




3 pcs set of Armageddon Sports resistance loop bands is the best investment you can make to improve your physical condition!

They can be used in rehabilitation and more exercises such as fitness, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, stretching, gymnastics, and more.



🔥 SAVE TIME AND MONEY: If you want to have a fit body but you don’t have enough time or you don’t want to pay monthly fees in the gym, your only option now is our great and unique fitness bands. We guarantee that they can give you the same results for just 20 minutes daily! Feel the difference right after the first training session!

🔥 BUILD GREAT BODY, WHILE HAVING FUN: With our eco-friendly gym bands, you can diversify your dull workout! Each one of them has 3 different resistance levels, you can choose with which one to start and finish your exercise. As we said, they are suitable for every sport!



✅ POCKET SIZE: Take them anywhere with you! It’s super easy and they don’t take much space thanks to the carry bag which comes with them. They can fit in your backpack, ladies' bag, and even in your pocket! Be different and try them wherever you go, you will surely be surprised by the result you achieved for a short time!


 NO MATTER YOUR GENDER: Armageddon Sports resistance bands for training the buttocks, thighs, and hips. Tighten your legs efficiently and quickly! Tighten your whole body simply and easily, with only 3 pieces of elastic bands! You may not believe it, but you will get 100% satisfaction by looking yourself in the mirror!

You don't need a gym when you have these bands. Absolutely ANY muscle group in the lower body can be trained EFFECTIVELY and give you RESULTS in an extremely SHORT TIME.






Q: What are the bands made of?

A; The fabric resistance bands are made from the mix of fabric and latex rubber.

It basically means stretchable fabric is woven into the rubber loop bands to provide you the added benefits of the worlds.


Q: What is the resistance of the bands?

A:  🧡 Orange  11 - 22 lbs

     💙  Blue  22 - 33 lbs

     🖤 Black  33 - 49 lbs


Q: Dimensions of the elastic loop bands?

A: They are 12.8 inches long and 2.2 inches wide. The thickness depends on its resistance.  




Q: Can I use them for rehab?

A: Yes. The elastic bands are often used to recover from surgery, injury, or immobility.


Q: In case something happens to the bands, can you replace it?

A: Of course! We will replace it. We guarantee the quality of the bands.



⭐ TRY NOW! ⭐

So if you want to have something that makes your training session more fun and your muscles flexible, that’s the best choice you can ever make! No matter how old, young, big, or small you are, they will fit you perfectly and you can use them for a long time!

Try now and get ready for a variety of exercises for full body transformation!


If Not Today, When Is The Best Time To Get In SHAPE Order NOW!





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