The Best Ways to Stop Snoring [anti-snoring nose clip + things you can do on your own]

If you got to this article, you probably have an issue with snoring, or you know someone who does. Don’t worry! A lot of people have this problem. One out of every two people snores occasionally, and it usually doesn’t cause much trouble. However, if the snoring is regular, it may significantly affect the quality of your sleep. It causes you to be constantly tired, distracted, and not able to focus on any task. It’s also a huge problem for your partner and the people you live with. Snoring may lead to serious arguments and relationship difficulties.

Unfortunately, in many cases, snoring is treated as a trivial issue and very often laughed at. We want to show you that it can be a serious thing but, at the same time, that there are various ways to deal with it. We’ll share a bunch of them in this article. Hopefully, they will help you overcome snoring and sleep well. But before that, let’s see what causes snoring in the first place.

Common reasons for snoring

Snoring can be caused by many different things. Some of the circumstances are externally based, and there’s nothing you can do to change them. However, most of the reasons are strongly related to your lifestyle, your behavior, or the condition of your body. Let’s see what the most common causes of snoring are.

Age – Many people start snoring as they age because the muscles in their throat become weaker. 

The quality of your sleep – This includes both the position in which you sleep and your sleep habits. If you sleep on your back or if your rest time is too short or irregular, it may cause snoring.

Smoking and drinking – It’s widely known that people snore if they consume alcohol before bedtime, especially if they drink a lot. Alcohol, as well as smoking, leads to muscle relaxation and, consequently, to snoring.

Obesity and physical fitness – Your lifestyle influences your health on every level. It’s no different with snoring—your diet matters a lot. People who are overweight snore more often than others because of their fatty tissue and weak muscle tone.

Blocked airways – Every time you have a runny nose, you snore, right? That’s because blocked airways make it difficult for you to breathe and cause a vacuum in the throat. If you have the flu, the issue is just temporary. But for people with sinus problems, it’s a long-term thing and you should  consult with a specialist.

The anatomy of your mouth – Some people are more likely to snore due to the anatomy of their mouth, esophagus , and nose. Various physical attributes, such as enlarged adenoids or a narrow throat increase the possibility of snoring. Also, men snore much more often than women.

How to stop snoring?

When it comes to overcoming the snoring issue, there are a few options that can help with both occasional and regular snoring. In some cases, you might need to consult a specialist, but let’s go through the things you can do on your own first.

Things you can do on your own 

Try to change your sleeping position

People usually snore when they sleep on their backs, so changing sleep position can eliminate snoring. But that’s easier to say than do, right? You can ask your partner to wake you up every time you snore so that you can change your position. After some time, your body will get used to the habit of sleeping on your side. Consider changing your pillow as well. Buy one that is a little bit higher and makes it easier for you to breathe.

Sleep well

It may sound too easy, but the truth is that your sleeping habits can also cause snoring. Not enough sleep, staying up very late, irregular sleeping hours—all of these things make you extremely tired and contribute to the snoring.

Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking before going to sleep

Alcohol and cigarettes relax the throat muscles, which leads to difficulties in breathing. In the case of smoking, it would be best to quit completely. This way, you’ll not only improve your sleep quality but also avoid other diseases caused by this addiction. When it comes to alcohol, avoid drinking too much before bedtime if you want to sleep well and without snoring.

Stay fit and watch your diet

If you’re overweight, you’re more likely to snore, so it’s important that you keep fit. Even light but regular exercises, such as cycling, swimming, or jogging, can help you stay in shape. There are even specific exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscles around your throat and airway. In many cases, just losing weight is enough to solve the snoring issue. As a bonus, physical fitness is also good for your health! Make sure to remember your eating habits too. Large  fatty meals consumed right before going to sleep can make snoring even more intense. And last but not least, stay hydrated to avoid dryness in the throat.

Try an anti-snoring chin strap

This strap has been designed to keep the chin in place while you sleep. This way, your mouth is closed, your jaw is relaxed, and your airway stays clear. If you have no nasal issues, you can sleep well without snoring and waking up your partner. The chin strap will adjust nicely to your face and doesn’t interfere with sleeping. It’s very comfortable, so you will practically forget it’s there.

Use an anti-snoring nose clip

If you prefer something even less invasive, try an anti-snoring nose clip. This little thing can do wonders! All you need to do is place it on the bridge of your nose, and your nasal passages will stay wide and open during sleep. Thanks to the small magnets, the clip stays in place all night and prevents you from snoring and waking up your family.

Situations that may require medical assistance

Blocked nasal passages

Whether it’s because of a cold, the flu, allergies, or chronic sinus problems, blocked nasal passages are a frequent reason for snoring. You can try some homemade ways of solving these issues, such as humidifying the bedroom air or wearing the previously mentioned nose strips. However, if the problem persists, it’s best to consult your doctor and get professional medical help.

Sleep apnea

If you snore regularly, and no previous methods have helped you stop, you may have a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Its main symptom is snoring, and it can be diagnosed by a doctor after a couple of tests. In many cases, sleep apnea is related to previously mentioned conditions, like being overweight, enlarged tonsils, or allergies. You should review your symptoms and your medical history with specialists, and hopefully, they can help you solve the snoring problem.


People who snore know that it affects many areas of their lives. Their sleep quality is very poor, they are always tired and can’t concentrate during the day. What’s more, their snoring influences the lives of their partners and families and can cause serious relationship problems. So, it’s essential to be aware of the consequences of snoring and try to find ways to overcome this issue. Hopefully, our tips will be helpful and you’ll be able to sleep well soon!