20 Pieces of Home Workout Equipment You Need in Your Home Gym

Are you looking for the right equipment to create your own home gym? Do you want to stop paying for expensive gym memberships?

If the answer is "Yes," then you are in the right place.

Time is the most valuable thing you have, and we'd love to save you time so you can spend it on things you want to do. No more needing to pack your things, drive your car to the gym, and then back home. That is pure time wasting, my friends.

We will help you make a list of items you need for your home fitness area. Let's start right away with our top 20 fitness accessories!

1. Ab Sling Straps – Best Home Gym Equipment

Training with bodyweight and using the resistance created by gravity makes the Ab Straps effective. Leg raises with ab straps are amazing because you focus everything on your abs and obliques.An exercise workout done with ab sling straps may look silly to you… but the first time exercising with them can be game-changing!  A lot of people think that they are not effective, but anyone who wants to build a strong core and a good-looking six-pack should try them.

2. Waist Trimmer for Home Gym Workout


Every man or woman wants to have a beautiful body and especially a strong and good-looking waist. A waist trimmer is the easiest way to lose water weight and burn fat while you are training.

 A stomach wrap belt also improves your posture and supports your lower back, which are both really important. Using a waist trimmer leads to a better appearance and boosts your confidence.

3. Weight Lifting Wrist Straps with Hooks


Are you struggling because you have a weak grip? And you can't do pull-ups? These lifting straps with hooks can help you get more pumped and build strong back muscles. Whether you are using them for dead lifting or pull-ups, they do the perfect accessory to help you enjoy your training.

Take your exercises to the next level, and don't let your weak forearms stop you from getting the results you want.

4. Arm Blaster


The arm blaster is one of the best gym accessories you can use at home to grow your biceps. It can perfectly replace the Scott bench and isolate all the unnecessary movement in your arms, allowing you to focus exactly on your biceps.

With its ergonomic design and pads for your elbows, the biceps isolator can make a huge difference in your workout routine. Using it is the easiest way to build big, strong arms.

5. Neck Harness


A neck harness is a solid addition to your home training equipment. Building the neck is an important part of sports conditioning. Frequent training of your neck muscles can give you power and strength.

The neck harness will improve your reflexes and orientation also. Doing exercises for a stronger neck will minimize the pain caused by sitting all day at work or a stiff neck after sleeping. You use your neck every single day and by exercising it, it will become more flexible, which will improve your daily activities.

6. Weight Lifting Workout Pads


If you have weak forearms, weight lifting pads are the right equipment for you! They provide great protection for your hands and are easy to use.

You will not just improve your grip with workout pads, you will also improve the power in your whole body in just a few training sessions…and you will notice it! Forget about those old-fashioned gym gloves and replace them with these lifting pads. Your hands will feel great during your home workout.

7. Dipping Belt


To use a dipping belt,  you will need some free weights and a pull-up bar. Using a belt is an excellent way to build muscles faster. It will also help you increase muscle power by adding more resistance to your workout.

A dipping belt can be made of leather or neoprene, but a neoprene one is better because it is more comfortable and lets your body breathe.

8. Lifting Straps with Wrist Wraps


We know how important it is to have a good, strong grip. From pull-ups to free weights, lifting straps can help you have an amazing workout. If you have only used machines in the gym up until now, make the transition to free weights in your home gym. You will be on your way to a successful exercise routine.

Lifting straps give great support for your wrists, which keeps them stable. And lifting straps can be attached to any bar, barbell, or dumbbell without slipping.

9. Bundle of Weightlifting Straps and Wrist Wraps


Some people want to buy weightlifting straps, and wrist wraps separately, but they are also available together in bundles. Decide which one will be more comfortable for you or buy both of them together.

10. Weight Lifting Belt


No matter whether you are in the gym or at home, the first thing you have to think of is your own safety. To take care of your back and prevent injuries, you will need a weightlifting belt.

11. Abs Muscle Stimulator


If you are a person with a very busy schedule, you probably think that achieving that sculpted body is impossible since you don't have time to go to the gym. The solution is simple: 20 minutes, twice a day, with the ab stimulator,  and you are going to see results in 2 months or less.

The ab belt uses electrical muscle stimulation and passes an electrical current through your muscles, causing them to contract.

12. EMS Hips Trainer


Due to our sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise, we tend to accumulate fat in our hips and thighs. But don't worry! The EMS Butt Toner was created to work out those exact body parts! This hip trainer shapes the hip line for women and men effectively. Release pressure and lift hip muscle without even exercising!

13. Glute & Hip Trainer


This amazing glute training device is perfect for exercising your pelvic floor, which consists of a layer of muscles that help with bladder control, recovery after childbirth, and intimate relations.

It's lightweight and small but offers a thorough workout wherever you choose to use it. Whether you're at home or at the office, you'll find that it's convenient and easy to strengthen and mold those buttock muscles into shape using this training device.

14. Yoga mat



Of course, you don't always have to use a yoga mat for your home exercises, but it is good to have one available to use when needed. Besides being used for yoga, a yoga mat can also be really helpful for many other physical exercises. For example, when doing certain movements or for doing abs, you will definitely need one.

Everything is better when you are comfortable doing it!

15. Exercise Ball



An exercise ball, gym ball, yoga ball, swiss ball… whatever you want to call it. This item is a really good addition to your home workout equipment. It will improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles.

Many people also use an exercise ball for sitting on when working at a  desk. This is a good way to activate the muscles in your core and to improve your posture.

16. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are amazing exercise accessories used for both massage and fitness. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes with varying textures and can be used by everyone for just about anything. Self-massage can give you such a good feeling!

Self-massage can be used before training to warm up your muscles and get them ready for work. You can also use a roller after your workout to reduce the time needed for your body to recover. This is an amazing piece of equipment for home fitness!

17. Resistance Bands

If you haven't trained with resistance bands before, you should try it! It is a completely different and effective way to pump your muscles. Using resistance bands during the work phase and the rest phase of a workout is better than using free weights.

To grow your muscles and tone them at the same time, try working out at home with resistance bands. After just one exercise session, you will love them!

18. Ab Wheel

The ab wheel is simply one of the best pieces of fitness equipment to workout with at home. If you want to build a strong core and a great upper body, this is what you need. The main muscles targeted by an ab wheel are the abs, obliques, and your lower back. We all know the advantages of having a strong waist.

19. Forearm Trainer – Grip Strengtheners

Are forearm trainers worth it? YES, absolutely! If you want to have a stronger grip and better strength in your fingers, then a grip trainer is exactly what you need. It's important to train forearms because this can prevent you from injury and also improve your grip strength.

Add Jump Rope to Your Home Workout Plan

Did you know that rope jumping for 15 minutes equals 60 minutes of running? So, if you want to burn calories in less time, now you know how to do it! Losing fat is also one of the main reasons to use a jump rope. Burn fat from your thighs, arms, and around your stomach in just 15 minutes per day!

That's all the home workout accessories you need

Working out at home can be even more effective than working out in the gym. There are people in the gym who will always want to talk to you, and you can get distracted easily. At home, you can play the music you want and be in your comfort zone.

We hope we've helped you choose the right equipment for your home workout!