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Thick & Fat Grips Bar Training Adapters Forearms Strength Builder by Armageddon Sports


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You don’t have enough strength in your arms? Whatever you do, your arms are still small?

 Do you struggle with chin-ups? Your forearms are weak? Your grip is weak?

 We all know this feeling… So if you want to fix this, we have what you need!

 Many people have already done it, NOW it’s your turn to build BIG and STRONG arms!

 What exactly are thick (fat) grips?

The perfect replacement of the thick bar! They are often used by professional bodybuilders and strength coaches thanks to their quality to help build more strength and muscles. They can also help you by building your upper body’s weak points.

thick fat grips for dumbell

 Your gym doesn’t have thick bars? Quickly add them to your cart, so you will now have the portable version whenever you go. Put them in your bag and you are ready to rock the gym!

 You can take your grip and arms to the next level! With our amazing accessory athletes like you can now achieve a lot and surely will feel the results right after using them. 

Why should we always use thick grips instead weightlifting gloves

 We all use gym gloves for one or other reason. The main ones are you don’t get to touch the sweat from the others on the fitness equipment and your hands stand clean and without blisters. So, men be good to your girl and please use fat grips, surely she doesn’t like the way you touch her if your hands are hard and rough because of hard training.

thick bar adapters for forearms strength

Firstly, they protect your arms, secondly, they build strength and muscles in your arms for a lifetime… isn’t that AMAZING?!

When you increase the thickness you include more working muscles which lead to greater results. You will gain more grip strength. That’s the thing you need to do more pull-ups (the best exercise to build a huge back). Still, it will help you put more weight on deadlifting and build really strong upper body. 

Wow… They are working!

 Thanks to their perfect size and great design your workout will be unforgettable! Fat grip training has been known for a long time but you should know one thing before using them. Do not add them in every single exercise you can, because it’s going to be too much for your joints to take all the stress at once.

bar adapters thick pads

 If you use them on bench press you will have a lot more contraction, more balance, and more precise moves. This all leads to one direction – better muscle pumping and BIG results. Often used in biceps exercises they can make your forearm 1’’ bigger in just 1 to 2 weeks! Of course not only, but you will see more when you try them.

Are they meant for you?

 They are meant for everyone. If you just want to improve your body form, gain strength and muscles, that’s what you need! You can use them on pull-up bars, Olympic barbells/bars, dumbbells, cables, and many more. They will fit perfect!

fat gripz training workout

Attention Crossfiters! That’s the product you MUST have if you want to be completely functional during your training session. You will have strength and endurance more than ever! Most of the exercises includes the forearm and if you don’t have a strong one, you better get one set of the thick bar grips now!

 Prepare yourself for something new!

💪 LONG-LASTING, HIGH QUALITY, AND ANTI-SLIP MATERIAL: Thanks to the 100% military grade silicone the bar grips will resist extreme wear and tear. They have a cross-stitch grip which gives you safe and strong grip hold. It’s your new gym buddy!

 💪 CONVERT NORMAL BAR INTO THICK BAR: Increase your muscle activation just by increasing the diameter of the bar. Make BIGGER and HARDER muscles followed by MORE STRENGTH. Build massive forearm and biceps!

 💪 BUILD GRIP STRENGTH: Yes, we will help you with that! Armageddon Sports is the brand which always tries it’s best for their customers and now here we go. With this product, we get thousands of satisfied people like you, pro bodybuilders, NFL players, UFC Fighters and athletes from around the world!

 💪 TRAIN LIKE A BEAST: Save time and money on other low-quality copies. The right measurement and functionality of them during your workout will make your arms burn and grow with every single set you do. Find the difference in the mirror right away!

 💪 EASY TO USE: Simply wrap them around any dumbbell, Olympic barbell, cable, pull up bar or any other bar. Thanks to the flexibility it takes less than 10 seconds to do it. Now you are ready for an extreme workout to build your muscles, so don’t wait anymore. Your arms are waiting for you to get them!

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