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UV Light Phone Sterilizer Box


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Do You Know That Your Phone Has More Bacteria Than Toilet 🚽?  FACT❗

Doesn't Matter How many time you wash your hand, If You Dont Sterilizer Your Phone.

How Many Time Your Kids Play With Your Phone And Even Eat IT 🤮 ?

PHONES  are most touched and same time most dirty items!

Its Dangerous Time  -  Protect Yourself &  Your Beloved!

Present you Ultraviolet Strerilizer, the ONLY WAY to elimante  99.9 % of bacteria  🍀!



A TEST SHOWED - there are 200 000 thousand bacteria on EACH SCUARE CM of mobile phone. 

Mobile phone have become a necessity of our life, but do you know  how many bacteria they may have? At this rate there are  at least 1 000 000 milions bacteria on YOUR phone.


FACT this means 18 times more than on a flush handle in a male toilet.



Let's be honest. We are  so addicted to our phone that happens to use them even in toilet.

Then we go and wash our hands.

But How many time do you clean your phone? 

1 time a week?

1 time  a month?

The next moment someone call us, and we put the same phone  ON OUR FACE!  Accidently we touch the screen with lips. 

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