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Premium Hips Sauna Shaper Belts by Armageddon Sports


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Is Shaping And Slimming Legs Your New Goal 🦵?

Would You Like Reaching Your Dream Figure Faster And Much Easier While Removing All The Annoying Cellulite?

Make Your Training Up To 3 Times More Effective With Premium Sauna Anti-cellulite Fat Burners Belts 🔥





Hips Belts help in enhancing the effects of a workout and promotes fat loss. They are made up of neoprene that causes the body to heat up but does not result in sweat absorption.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Raising the core temperature allows your body to access stubborn body fats and burn it as energy.

This mini-sauna causes an extreme amount of sweating because retained liquids are a standard-issue found in women. This water loss from core tissues delivers an instant slimming effect.

The great news is that if you consistently use sauna belts for long periods, it may stimulate permanent fat loss 😵

Wear the belt at least a few times each week which may lead to an extreme fat loss.





Within minutes, you will feel heat on  your upper leg area, increasing temperature to your quads and thigh fat!

💡 DID YOU KNOW - Stubborn fats have more alpha receptors, are more insulin sensitive, and have less blood flow than normal fat.

The less blood flow does 2 things

1) restricts the amount of fat that can get to the bloodstream for energy and

2) these areas stay colder. If the fat can’t get to the bloodstream, then it can’t be burned and your belly still jiggles. And if the area is colder, less fat will be released.

This is where the sauna belts come in!

Armageddon Sports Suana Belts are increasing the thermogenesis and blood flow in the upper leg like no other belt on the market!

Just Say goodbye to the unwanted and stubborn thigh fat.




✅  Accelerate The Fat Burning Processes

✅  Cellulite Will Be Reduced

✅  Improve  Blood Circulation

✅  Fights Joint Pain

✅  Remove Toxins

✅  Relief Muscles Pains

✅  One Size Fits All

✅  Anti - Slip & Comfortable

✅  Wear It Anywhere & Anytime

  Super Quality & Attractive Design

  Suitable for Both - Men & Women

  The Perfect Fit Designed And Cut for Perfect Contoured Fit





Sauna Belts will increase your temperature during exercise and improve thermogenic activity and sweat during workouts. The purpose of sauna belts is to lock the heat within the belt and increase perspiration.

Which in turn flushes out the toxins and impurities out of the skin, pulls out retained water within the tissues to promote weight loss by reducing water weight. 

But the sauna band is more than just a way to lose weight. Will also provide therapeutic heat, which:

➡️ reduce pain by warming up the muscles and making them more relaxed and flexible which results in better blood flow. 

➡️ remove toxins from the body. The toxins in the area on which you put a sauna belt will be released through a lot of sweat, and your health level will also improve.



ANTI-SLIP: An inner anti-slip grid that repels moisture and eliminates slipping or rolling during your workout.

MADE OF:  Heavy Neoprene, Non-slip lining, and Plush Fabric with Velcro latch. Holds in heat and increases circulation to help flush toxins and excess water weight from Stubborn Fat and Cellulite

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Belts are fully flexible & adjustable with a patented ring design to ensure they fit securely around your thighs.

QUALITY WITH ATTRACTIVE DESIGN:  Not only help you burn thigh fat but also relieves stiff and sore thigh muscles.

The thigh support brace promotes healing, reduces recovery time, and is useful in preventing re-injury.


Simply put it on and exercise normally. Our unique thigh slimming band is fully adjustable, making it comfortable and effective. Our  Velcro secure-closure provides a fast, easy, lightweight, and comfortable fit while staying in place during exercise.

Wear for at least 1 to 2 hours a day. The more you wear the Sauna Belts, the better the results will be.


💦 LOSE THAT EXTRA FAT -  make your exercise more productively by raising your muscle temperature. They make you sweat more, and increasing the number of calories you burn!




The self-heating belt can be worn even if the person is doing homework or cleaning the house.

Any Place Any Time Sauna belts work correctly and result in sweat on the individual’s body even if you are not performing any vigorous exercises. This self-heated sauna belt can be comfortably worn by anyone while cleaning the house or doing homework.

This Sauna belts help you burn excess calories!




With a width of 7.8 inches and a length of 29.5 inches, The Armageddon Sports Sauna Belts are made to be comfortable.  You won't even feel it during your exercises. Just focus and reach your limits.



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