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Kids § Parents Inflatable Travel Resting Pillow ✈️


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Have you ever felt exhausted after traveling for hours with young kids?

Sitting in cramped car and airplane seats for long periods of time can be tiring and uncomfortable for anyone, especially children.

Imagine if you could transform the cramped space in between car and airplane seats into a comfortable mattress for resting your legs or even laying down to take a nap!

Introducing the Inflatable Travel Resting Pillow!

 This Inflatable Travel Resting Pillow is a Must Have for Parents.

  Comfortable for Flights,Car, Bus, Train ,Office or Home : Taking with Inflatable Travel Resting Pillow, your family won't be tired and sleepless in long travel anymore!What if long trips could actually energize you instead of drain the life out of you?




  • foot rest to help adult feet from welling up. 
  • Improves Circulation And Can Reduce Swelling by raising the legs
  • Help Reduce The Risk Of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), helps to relieve back pain from sitting for long period of time.





  Great design: inflatable travel Pillows can adjust the height according to your needs. Inflat only the lower chamber for 1-level height, only the upper chamber for 2-level height, or both chambers for full height.

Kids Travel Inflatable Resting  Relax Feet Foot Pillow Airplane Car Sleep EASY-TO-INFLATE AND DEFLATE, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE, SOFT, REUSABLE.

   Premium Material: travel Pillows are made of washable soft PVC flocking, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, soft and durable.


 ✈️Еnjoy your travelling anywhere and anytime! Buy now!✈️

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