Weightlifting Power Lifting Wrist Hooks Straps for Deadlift & Pull Ups by Armageddon Sports - Armageddon Sports

Weightlifting Power Lifting Wrist Hooks Straps for Deadlift & Pull Ups by Armageddon Sports


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✔️ 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We stand behing the great quality of our items. Our Premium Lifting Hooks are so Heavy Duty that we promise you that they will never break. If anything happens - we replace!


✔️ TAKE YOUR EXERCISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Our Gym Wrist Hooks are a MUST for deadlifts and you should already know that. Also used for pull-ups and many other exercises like shrugs, calf raises and more. Most of us have weak forearms which hold us back from getting the result we want. But here is that special thing that can help you with that!

weight lifting straps steel hooks deadlift

✔️ EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: If you want something good, Armageddon Sports already have it! Now we represent you the powerlifting steel hooks. With great quality and nice touch fabric, you can make sure you have the best of the bests!


✔️ NO MORE BLISTERS AND SORE HANDS: If you do some heavy deadlifts you know what are we talking about. Your hands are on fire, but thanks to the steel hooks, each hand is protected and no matter how heavy the barbell is, you will be 100% secure! How cool is that?

✔️ BETTER THEN LIFTING STRAPS: If you have a weak grip and small hands, these superb weightlifting hooks are for you! The lifting grips bring you the comfort you need into your workout to make a great training session. Forget about the regular lifting straps, and say “Hello” to the premium steel hooks with wrist support!

deadlifting gloves straps weightlifting

✔️ 100% SATISFACTION: The coated gym steel hooks looks nice and handy in your gym bag where you can take them anywhere. Thanks to them you can do some extra couple reps and gain more muscles! Waste no more time and add to the cart to try them now risk free!

Our extra wide wrist supports are padded to ensure your comfort, and their strong closure won't loosen even when you're straining to lift the heaviest of weights.

weight lifting steel deadlift hooks

Lifting Hooks for Men and Women are powerful, solid steel hooks that hold onto the bar of weights.

Their nonslip coating lets them stay securely in place throughout your entire lift, freeing you to focus on your form, not on struggling to keep hold on the weight.

steel hooks straps deadlifting wrist support

As a result, you get more out of every lift and have a safer experience whenever you hit the gym.

Ideal for powerlifting, deadlifting, using workout equipment and completing WODs training.


Every day we deliver high-quality fitness equipment and as we said by a long time on the market, we know all you need. That’s why the wrist straps with hooks were made for amazing results and especially for people who want fast results. So, what’s the point of using them?

It's very simple. Thanks to the boost of circulation in your back muscles, there is more oxygen in your blood flow and you can reach your limit and beyond to unlock more power and better results.


Thanks to our wrist wrap hooks the weight is distributed around your wrist, which allows you to focus exactly on the targeted muscle. The reason for that when using them is because you don’t have to squeeze the barbell/dumbbell and your forearms and biceps will be isolated from the exercise. 


This advantage will give you a whole new look into your workout, which will be a visible result for you in the mirror. Improve exercises like pulldowns, deadlifts, chin-ups, bent over rows and every other pulling motion.


You are struggling because you suffer from carpal tunnel or tennis elbow? You can now forget about that with our weightlifting hooks set! They take all the painful gripping and forearm fatigue out of your exercises so you can lift heavier and improve all your moves.

If you use regular lifting straps it’s a challenge if you have already get the first one around the weight and trying to get the second one too.

With our product the solution is simple – easy to put on and off thanks to the wide velcro straps. Value your time! The extra padding for the wrist will give you the comfort and will remove the bad feeling of using the cheap ones without much padding.


No matter your body type, wrist or hand size, they are made to fit you right!


✔️ Easy to put on and off;

✔️ Easy and fast to drop the bar if needed;

✔️ Very durable and nice touch rubber coat on the hook;

✔️ Well-constructed product with quality materials that will last for years;

✔️ Protection on the wrist and does not compress nerves like regular straps;

✔️ Easy to grab all types of bars – feels natural and not that hard like the bar;


If you are into powerlifting and want to hit your next PR you will probably need some help and our training hooks can provide you with that. We know that the forearms are the weak point for most of you and that holds you back of getting the wanted results.

They come in a nice carrying bag and they fit great. Our straps are extremely comfortable and breathable. You will love them from the first sight because they will give you all you ever wanted.


Do you know what you can do? You can try this:

Put the steel hooks on your wrists to be ready. Do as many reps you can do without them and when the grip becomes difficult hook them up fast and do some more reps until you can. There is no way you can go faster if you use the old cloth straps. This will definitely increase the blood flow and the pumping in your back.


Because why not! We all want fast results and the power hooks will be right next to you for this adventure. Having a good looking body will be in result of lifting heavy weights, which you can accomplish with our simple and good looking product.


They became the most wanted gym equipment, but used not only in the gym, they can be used on street fitness and from everybody. You are a bodybuilder, powerlifter or crossfitter? They will be useful for many exercises in your workout!

deadlift hooks wrist wraps heavy lifting weightlifting gloves with straps   grip weight lifting gloves powerlifting


Be the first in the gym with our up to date product for BIG V-shaped BACK! This will make you feel different and BETTER FROM OTHERS! Instead of regular straps just try this and you will forget about the traditional way of training. 

The best move you can do is to trust us and we will provide you with the respect you deserve and deliver the finest product made just for you!

deadlift hooks wrist wraps heavy lifting weightlifting gloves with straps   grip weight lifting gloves powerlifting


Do you want something to break the routine? Something that will help you get massive back muscles?

Well, Armageddon Sports wrist hooks are here with great design and high-quality materials that will provide you to accomplish all your goals!

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