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Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Fast Muscle Pump & Growth


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Your biceps don’t want to grow?

No matter how long and hard you train – the biceps are not growing as fast as you wish?

You don’t want to spend even one more month without some SERIOUS results?

BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Bands Cuffs Occlusion Straps for Arms Biceps Legs Wraps Kaatsu

Here is the missing piece for that!

We are about to tell you a secret that will change the way you train and will give you amazing and fast results!

Like you already know, every problem has its own way to be solved and sometimes there is a simple and yet genius way to do that!

That simple mind-blowing solution that we have for you is called „Blood Flow Restriction Bands“.

Just tighten them on your arms or legs and you are ready for the most pumped training session you have ever had in your life!

So… What exactly are these bands for?

Inspired by Kaatsu training bands, we have made the best one from the best just for you! They are simple elastic straps which have a lot of benefits in the gym but not only. Combined with low-intensity resistance exercises all you can gain is muscle hypertrophy, increased strength, and increased endurance.

It all happens when you restrict the blood flow by tightening a BFR belt to the upper part of your limb. The idea is not to completely stop the blood supply, but to slow down the speed of blood flow. This is done in order to keep the blood in the loaded muscles for longer.

They are clever invention! See why!

Simply said, bands let the larger flow of blood (arteries) into your muscles, and this flow that returns to the heart (from the veins) is limited and slower. In this way, your limb is filled with more blood – which leads to much better pumping.

Are they meant for you?

They can be used also from beginners and advanced. No matter your gender or age, no matter your experience in the gym you can use them and help your muscles grow faster. Now you are asking yourself “How a piece of band like that will help me build strong and big arms?!”.

We have an answer to your question but you have to keep reading to find it out!

First, let’s see some researches made about blood flow restriction training and we will get back right away to the question.

Here you can find and read a lot of information about them.

They are safe for you and your body, just like we said. All you get is big muscles, strength and GREAT RESULTS.

Big and Strong Muscles and Whole Body Transformation with our ALL-IN-ONE product!


All you need to get in shape for just a small amount of time!

“How a piece of band like that will help me build strong and big arms??” Now we are pretty sure you already know the answer!

Not enough for you? See more about them below:

🔥 EFFECTIVE AND COMFORTABLE: Unlike some other blood flow restriction bands, our occlusion bands are specially designed for an effective weight training. Focused on power, the restriction bands are the perfect workout equipment leading to strong increases in strength and muscle size even in beginners. Even when training at very low intensity (20% 1RM), the results are comparable to the results when training at 70% 1RM.

BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Bands Cuffs Occlusion Straps for Arms Biceps Legs Wraps Kaatsu

🔥 COMPLETE BUNDLE SET: Armageddon Sports includes a full set of:
2 x Leg Bands with 2 in width and 39.5 in length
2 x Arm Bands with 1.25 in width and 23.5 in length
1 x Stylish and comfortable carrying bag

🔥 EASY TO USE AND ADJUSTABLE: The use of occlusion training bands is an effective alternative training method to improve the strength and size of your arm and leg muscles. The training muscle bands are easy to adjust due to the superior quality fabric and quick release buckle system allowing for the weight lifting to be extremely effective even without lifting heavy weights.

🔥 MASSIVE MUSCLE PUMP & GROWTH: These occlusion straps, just like the Kaatsu device training, increase muscle cell swelling in a short period of time, growing your muscles.

BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Bands Cuffs Occlusion Straps for Arms Biceps Legs Wraps Kaatsu

🔥BUILDING YOUR DREAM BODY IS STARTING NOW - Science proves that occlusion training increases muscle growth. When you use occlusion bands for arms and for legs your workouts will be quick and more effective so that the training lifting adjustable weights for both arms and legs will be up to 10 minutes. Build the body of your dreams now by simply working out in a smart way!

🔥 FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The bands are made fully adjustable for any arm & leg size – Fabric runs 24” long for the arms, and 40” long for the legs. Fits perfectly without restricting muscle movement!

BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Bands Cuffs Occlusion Straps for Arms Biceps Legs Wraps Kaatsu

🔥 SCIENCE BEHIND THEM: Studies have shown that using blood flow restriction bands increases levels of Mtor and lowers myostatin levels, which creates an environment in your body more conductive to muscle growth. Occlusion training bands induce hypertrophy at a 10-30 % of a 1RM, making the results like those achieved at 80% 1RM.

🔥 EVEN MORE SCIENCE AND RESEARCH: Believe it or not! “Study revealed an acute effect of low-intensity BFR training on human growth hormone secretion in a healthy sample, which resulted in significant strength gains and muscle hypertrophy”. More information here.

BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Bands Cuffs Occlusion Straps for Arms Biceps Legs Wraps Kaatsu

🔥 READY TO JOIN THE BFR REVOLUTION? With our BFR bands, you can double the results from your workout! Thanks to the great design – simply to put them on and to take them off. They are comfortable, durable, innovative, and made right for you!

As we already said – when you use them you don’t need heavy weights to accomplish better pumping. People who are recovering from some kind of trauma also using them just for this reason.

Training with elastic blood flow restriction bands

It may sound dangerous or abnormal to you, but research proves that they are completely safe for your body, see here.

Of course, DO NOT tighten them until your hand turns blue due to a blood shortage. Do not think that the more you tighten them, the better it is. You should be careful and to tight them moderate without feeling pain or discomfort during the series.

What’s the best part?

All the people who have been training for longer know the feeling of burning and inhuman pumping by repeating exercise to failure. And the good thing about training with elastic bands for occlusion is that you don’t need many reps and heavy weights to get the same effect.

The better and effective way of using them

To get the most out of our BFR bands, we recommend you to include them in the last 2 or 3 exercises of your session. And sure it’s not a problem if you include them in base exercises too. Series must be performed with lighter weight, unlike the ordinary one.

Use should use from 20 to 40% from your maximum lifting power, and your reps will be more. To understand it correctly, we will give you an example of the exercise biceps barbell curl, so you can do it this way:

- First set: 30 reps / 1 minute break
- Second set: 15 reps / 1 minute break
- Third set: 15 reps / 1 minute break
- Fourth set (if you still have powers left): 10 reps

Take off the BFR and take a breath for 2 minutes. Then you can go back to your workout routine and move to the next exercise.

Blood Flow Restriction is yet to be used in the gyms. Thanks to the detailed description, people now will know it works and it’s time to experience the feel to have them! Be the first in your gym!

Now imagine you got them.

You go to the gym doing your exercises as usual but you notice a BIG change to your body right after the first set.

Your muscles feel pumped, harder and your veins are like a roadmap.

Your arms or legs are full of blood and there it is, the result you have always wanted!

Don’t wait anymore, go ahead and get them now!


Arm Bands: 1.25 in Width x 23.5 in Length

Leg Bands:  2 in Width x 39.5 in Length

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